How to maximise earnings on Bitping

Learn how earnings on Bitping are calculated based on job location, proxy status, and demand. Increase your potential by diversifying IP addresses and optimizing your setup.

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How Earnings Work on Bitping

Bitping operates as a decentralized network that allows users to earn money by completing jobs that test and optimize internet services.

The following guide provides an overview of how earnings are calculated and distributed on the Bitping network.

Earning Distribution

Earnings on Bitping are calculated on a per-job basis. This means that each task you complete on the network contributes directly to your earnings. The factors influencing how much you earn from each job include:

  • Geographic location: Jobs are segmented by continent, country, and city. The demand for testing varies significantly between different regions, affecting how jobs are distributed and how much they pay.
  • Proxy status: Whether your node is behind a proxy/vpn can also impact your potential earnings.
  • Residential status: If your node is reachable on a residential IP address.
  • Demand for work: Some regions have a higher demand for network testing services, which can lead to higher payments & frequency of jobs in those areas.

Note: Not all jobs are distributed evenly across the network. This is due to varying demands and the specific requirements of clients using the Bitping service. However, based on the selection criteria for a job, the node selection algorithm does randomly select a node to ensure fairness in a region.

How to Increase Earnings

To maximize your earnings on Bitping, consider the following strategies:

  • Diversify your IP addresses: Having access to more unique IP addresses, especially in highly requested countries, can significantly increase the number of jobs you can accept and complete.
  • Optimize your setup: Ensure that your internet connection and hardware setup are reliable and meet the requirements of high-demand jobs. This can increase your chances of receiving more lucrative tasks. You can check your node status in the Bitping Dashboard

Tracking Earnings

You can track the distribution of payments and the estimated amount of money going to each region by visiting the Bitping Explorer. This tool provides real-time data on job distribution and earnings across the network.

For more details on setting up your node and optimizing your earnings potential, check out our Telegram group if you have more specific questions.

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