Bitping Node on Android (Experimental)

This guide for installing the Node on Android is written by community members and is experimental.

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  1. Install UserLAnd
  2. Select Ubuntu
  3. Run this command to update your packages
    bash sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
  4. Download the Bitping Node with the installer
    bash curl | bash


  1. Start Bitping
    bash sudo bitpingd login
  2. Enter your Email & Password
  3. Or install unattended:
    bash sudo bitpingd login --email "YOUR_BITPING_EMAIL" --password "YOUR_BITPING_PASSWORD"

Instructions to run the node in the background

  1. Install the Service
    bash sudo bitpingd service install --system
  2. Run the Service
    bash sudo bitpingd service start --system

Run the Node in the current session

  1. Use command:
    sudo bitpingd

Thank you Titus for writing up this guide!

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