Enterprise-Grade Crowdsourced Network Intelligence.

Keep your business ahead with realtime crowdsourced network intelligence from real user devices in every corner of the globe.

Perfect for every business

Crowdsourced network intelligence, tailored for your use case. From uptime and live stream testing to SLA compliance monitoring, Bitping has you covered with the most accurate data around.


UX/UI Testing

Use Bitping's network in conjunction with your favourite browser testing tools. leverage our residential proxy to see what your end users see.


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SK Telecom

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SLA Monitoring

Ensure jurisdictional compliance and track SLA obligations with objective, accurate, granular regional data.

Current Uptime


Agreement SLA


EOY Projection


Potential Issues
Network Monitoring

Uptime & live stream testing

for your developers and IT teams, react as soon as your customers have issues with your services.


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+1000s of services

Data is what matters.

Legacy solutions operate out of centralised enterprise datacenters, meaning you only see a small fraction of what's happening. Bitping's Halo network is the only crowdsourced network intelligence tool capable of giving you the full picture.


Unreliable, centralised metrics from large, corporate datacenters

The Bitping Way

Accurate, crowdsourced network intelligence from over 10,000+ real user devices.

See what your end-users see, not what a datacenter sees.

Global Networking Data

A world-class, worldwide dataset at your fingertips

Cellular Connections
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Proxied Connections
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Advanced filters

Take control of your data with filters such as region, internet speed, device type & internet service provider

Always online

Bitping uses a peer-to-peer network with over 15,000 devices. We provide networking insights whenever and wherever you need it.

Integrate Lines
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Integrate everywhere

Already got a data pipeline? We work with you to integrate seamlessly and enrich your existing data.

Mach-speed networking

Get data back from anywhere in the world as fast as possible.

A suite of test types

Bitping has all test types for your team's needs.

Example Teams Image Sam PARTNER
Example Teams Image Joe READONLY

Federated Networking

Bitping partners get access to the Bitping SDK and more.

Developer Friendly

Use our API with your the tools you already know.

World’s lowest test interval

As low as 15s test interval for accurate monitoring.

A suite of test types

Bitping has 6 test types and always adding new ones.

Advanced Teams

Create categorized projects and assign them to your team.

Developer Friendly

Use our API with your the tools you already know.

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Missing the full picture?

Missing some essential data?

Work with us to collect the data that fits your business' needs.