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Crowdsourced node network

Obtain real-time performance and availability data for your website directly from end-user devices.

Reliable and Secure monitoring

Halo’s global network of real user devices offers a comprehensive performance check, ensuring your website operates optimally from various locations and on diverse devices.

Scalable Node Deployment

Utilize Halo’s scalable node network to suit any business size. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, Halo equips you with the end-user testing you need.

Adapt to your existing workflows

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Custom Testing

Tailor your tests to identify and resolve issues most pertinent to you.

Key uses for Halo

Halo for Business Websites

Businesses striving to improve customer experience need real-time information on their website’s performance. Halo provides a robust and adaptable platform for website testing and ensures optimal performance and user satisfaction. Halo supports any website, regardless of size or complexity.

Boost Your Website with Halo

Halo acts as a decentralized network that identifies, tracks, and resolves issues on your website regardless of its platform or infrastructure. Halo can be your one-stop solution for enhancing your website’s performance across various user demographics.

Real-time performance tracking

A fundamental component of Bitping’s real-time monitoring solution, Halo provides insights into your website’s performance and availability. This allows for the immediate identification and resolution of issues, ensuring minimal impact on your end-users.

Get started with Halo

Halo enhances your website’s performance and availability on a global scale. Sign up for a free trial and pay only for what you use.

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